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WARFA Meets FDA and USDA Food Code Requirements for
Codex based HACCP Training
& Certification

Food Safety and HACCP Certification & Training Services and Products

The Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance (WARFA) provides Food Safety and HACCP Certification, Training, Support, Tools, Plans, and Verification/Audits. It is made up of individuals dedicated to helping update and improve certification training and product services to everyone concerned with food safety and Codex based HACCP education for the wholesale & retail foodservice industry.

These programs have been worked on and upgraded constantly by our team since 1999 and Dr. Snyder since 1982.

What do we do differently than other online training programs?

To help you see the advantages of training under our guidance, please take a look at the WARFA approach to online and personal food safety and Codex based HACCP education.

Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance sponsorship of this year's HACCP training for certification.

Since 2004 Chef Steven R. Davis, C.E.C., is hosting WARFA-sponsored HACCP training in Florence, the Portland, Oregon area, and Eugene, Oregon. Learn and get motivated about HACCP from someone who knows what it is like behind the scenes, as a chef would!

Save on consulting fees and wasted time. Become a part of the Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance by attending a comprehensive, fun, interactive class where you will create your HACCP plan and learn how to update it. Learn more…

Membership Benefits

Food can become contaminated from the farm to your table. Having excellent resources for your food safety or HACCP system will allow you to protect your business from the pitfalls that can occur.

As a member of the Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance, you will be kept up to date on food safety changes:
  • Direct email support
  • The best food safety products at very low prices
  • Forms and tools to use in your operation and to help train your staff
  • Comprehensive and understandable online training in person via video conferencing
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WARFA is an equal opportunity organization and employer. We do not discriminate against race, color, background, religion, and sexual orientation.

We do, however, discriminate against bacteria, improper hand washing, and unethical practices.


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Location:   Oregon
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Telephone: 1-541-997-7737
Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9 am - 8 pm Pacific Time, USA
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