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Training programs for
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Onsite HACCP training programs

  • WARFA has food safety training programs in Minnesota and Oregon or we can come to your location and train your staff.
  • WARFA can train your trainers at all levels.
  • The system and training are simplified. We can train your staff or train your trainer to train your staff.
  • WARFA reviews your HACCP system yearly and helps make the changes as necessary. Changes are needed when you change the menu, suppliers, processes, or facility.
  • WARFA uses the latest up-to-date tools to help train your staff.

Online Food Safety & Food Handler certification

Online training is available for wholesale & retail Food Safety certification.

The Food Safety Certification for Managers, Chefs and Supervisors' course introduces you to the hazards and controls you will be facing in order to make a HACCP plan work. You will need this course to prepare yourself to create a proper risk and hazard analysis for a HACCP system, either for your wholesale or retail food facility. You must have food safety certification training, or equivalent, first.

The course will also prepare you to take either the Thomson Prometric (formerly Experior Assessments) CPFM test or the test for ServSafe manager's certification. You also have the choice of taking an WARFA-proctored CPFM exam for a modest additional charge. To register, go to the registration page

Food Handler Certification provides Employee Certification for Wholesale and Retail Operations training. It should be taken by those who are or plan to be retail food establishment employees who handle and serve food. Food Handler Certification is usually used in volume by companies or schools. To prepare for the final examination that we offer online, please go to the registration page. There you will find an overview of a) how to register to study the coursework and b) an explanation of how to proceed from there.

Online HACCP certification

The HACCP Level 1 course, available for either online or onsite study, introduces the HACCP recipe, which is the key to the HACCP process, whether your operation is a simple hot dog stand or a huge sausage plant. The menu or item that you produce will determine what recipe you will need to use to create the product(s) in your operation. A restaurant may have many recipes. Processes are grouped, and then recipes are categorized under the processes. Basic science is covered in this course. A good standard HACCP plan is much easier to implement after Dr. Snyder's principles are introduced in the course. To register, go to the registration page

The HACCP Level 2 course will give you the tools you will need for multi processes, e.g., in a restaurant or multi-process plants. This is an advanced course for those who have HACCP experience or those who need advance process control procedures. This course also helps you conduct and create internal and third party audits. This course is great for food safety inspectors, both in the government and private sectors. It will give you the tools needed to help train, maintain and improve HACCP plans and systems. To register, go to the registration page.

Training Programs, Certification, Consulting, Products for Purchase

  1. Food Handler Certification for Food Service Workers (FSE)
  2. Food Safety Certification for Managers, Chefs and Supervisors (FSC)
  3. HACCP 1, correspondence or 1-2 day workshops.
  4. HACCP 2, correspondence or 1-2 day workshops.
  5. Train the Trainer, includes Food Safety Certification for Managers, Chefs and Supervisors / HACCP 1.
  6. HACCP Plan Review and Certification
  7. Onsite Verification and Certification (Final Step/Most Valued)
  8. HACCP and Food Safety Products, including tools, and online store.
  9. Complete HACCP Consulting.
  10. 5-Year Recertification.
1. Food Handler Certification for Foodservice Workers (FSE). $50.00 USD.

This course provides Employee Certification for Wholesale and Retail Operations training. It should be taken by those who are or plan to be retail food establishment employees who handle and serve food. Food Handler Certification is usually used in volume by companies or schools. The cost per certificate is negotiable when the volume is above 25 persons.

This certification is good for companies and schools training in the basic level of food safety. Our course gives you the basic times and temperatures and food safety and hygiene protocols, and is a must for everyone who works in a food environment. Most food production companies use the same methods used in the Retail Food environment, but yours may require less processes and much larger volumes. Register for coursework.

2. Food Safety Certification for Managers, Chefs and Supervisors. $100.00 USD.

Available as a) online coursework, b) correspondence, or c) at our location in St. Paul, Minnesota or Florence, Oregon, at various locations around the country, or c) at your location.

The course trains you to pass the Thomson Prometric CPFM exam and is ther prerequisite for our HACCP program. If you have taken and passed the Thomson Prometric or the ServSave manager's certification programs in the past year and can prove it, you will not be required to test on this portion of the prerequisite for HACCP 1. We will, however, request that you review the coursework and take the quizzes in the coursework. Register for coursework.

3. HACCP 1 Course. $500.00 USD each student.

Study materials available (prerequisite is included). Online coursework available.

Upon completion of this course and after taking WARFA's two tests, you will be in compliance for most of the requests you may be getting for certification or HACCP class attendance. We also offer plan review and certification at no additional cost. We require that you finish the coursework for the manager, chef and supervisor certification and then finish our HACCP training.

This course includes the latest and best retail/wholesale template for a proper Codex based HACCP plan. Basically, you can change this MS Word document template to suit your needs. We will teach you how to use this document to create a top of the line HACCP plan for your company. The only problem is, with many simple HACCP training programs, you do not know enough science to properly identify and control the Critical Control Points. WARFA will help you with proper identification and solutions for your particular plan. You get three Anchor Super Scrub 2000 fingernail brushes, a digital thermister thermometer, and forms and support for creating your HACCP plan.

We can train you at your facility if there is a minimum of 5 persons (less than 5, price/registrant varies). Expenses and fair travel reimbursement additional. Register for coursework.

4. HACCP 2 Course. $750.00 USD.

HACCP2, Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance's Advanced HACCP Course, is for those who already have HACCP certification, work with HACCP Plans in industry, or need to inspect, oversee, maintain or understand HACCP systems or plans. It includes training in Inspections and Audits. The course requires previous HACCP certification or a working knowledge of HACCP and its controls.

The course is great if you want to refine processes or understand new and different process controls, making YOU the process authority. It is good for Health Inspectors, not limiting inspection to just floors, walls and ceilings. Most audits are not as focused on processes, so this course will make you a professional and confirm your processes through these audits. It will help you to not only pass inspections but also provide you with the tools leading to continual improvement through 0 defects, making YOU the HACCP authority. Register for coursework.

5. Train the Trainer. $250.00 USD.

This course has been more popular than we ever expected. In order to become a trainer, you need to have taken the HACCP 1 workshop in St. Paul, Minnesota or Florence, Oregon. After you have taken the HACCP workshop training, you need to plan on a second partial day for the Train the Trainer portion. The course will allow you to train others in basic HACCP principles. It will give you the tools and materials to train your staff in all they need to know about HACCP and Food Safety for the Manager, Chef and Supervisor.

The course includes teaching tools like Glo-Germ (Dr. Snyder's economical use of the glo germ product), a high powered Ultra Violet flashlight/torch, and more. Register for coursework.

6. HACCP Plan Verification. Prices vary (based on time).

An informal review of your HACCP plan will be included in the HACCP 1 Training. If you choose to have the final certification, you will need to submit a HACCP plan for us to review before we give you the final HACCP certification. For pricing, contact us from this web site or call 1-541-997-7737
Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9 am - 8 pm Pacific Time, USA

7. Facility HACCP Verification. Prices vary (based on time).

This includes any HACCP plan rewriting or changes, as well as cost of visiting the facility. For pricing, contact us from this web site or call 1-541-997-7737
Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9 am - 8 pm Pacific Time, USA

8. HACCP and Food Safety Products and tools.

We have an online store selling top quality HACCP-approved food safety products. We carry some of the best tools to use in helping to prevent foodbourne illnesses and keeping our food supply safe. Some examples: Comark PDT300 digital thermistor thermometer and the Anchor Surgeon's Super Scrub 2000 Brush, ideal for fingertip cleansing when using the Double Hand Wash method of hygiene.

9. Complete HACCP Consulting.

Dr. Peter Snyder has consulted for many national large corporations, operations and international HACCP infrastructures, such as Dubai, Siberia, Macedonia, etc. We have programs to train your staff at all levels. We can work with you and your QA team to create new HACCP programs and keep the programs up to date when changes occur. If you are having challenges with an inspection agency and/or need your HACCP plan written or re-written for you or your company, please give us a call for a quote at 1-541-997-7737 Tuesday-Friday, 9 am - 8 pm Pacific Time, USA or contact us from this web site.

10. 5-Year Recertification.

To keep your certification current, you will need to successively recertify by the time 5 years are up. Please check your WARFA certificate re the expiration date and leave yourself enough time to brush up on our coursework before retesting online takes place. Upon successfully passing the test, we will send you your Recertification Certificate.

Food Safety Certificaton for the Manager, Supervisor and Chef (WARFA only Re-certification): $250.00

HACCP 1 (WARFA only Re-certification): $250.00

HACCP 2 (Re-certification): $495.00

HACCP 2 (WARFA only Re-certification): $250.00

Register for online testing.
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What makes Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance different from other HACCP training and certification programs?

Well, it's like comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges . . . to Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance! There's no comparison.

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