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  Workshop / Online Training
(Coursework & Testing)

1 person

With Proctored CPFM Exam
Food Safety Certification for Managers, Chefs and Supervisors
(This is the prerequisite for HACCP 1)
This course will introduce you to the hazards and controls you will be facing in order to make a HACCP plan work. You will need this course to prepare yourself to create a proper risk and hazard analysis for a HACCP system. As well as preparing you for Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance's HACCP 1 course, this course will prepare you to take the test for either Thomson Prometric (formerly Experior Assessments) or ServSafe manager's certification.
    $    100.00

    $    150.00
To register and make payment, go to the Course Registration page. Any questions, please contact us.
1 person Food Handler Certification for Foodservice Workers (FSE)
Employee Certification for Wholesale and Retail Operations training. This course should be taken by those who are or plan to be retail food establishment employees who handle and serve food.
    $      50.00
To register and make payment, go to the Course Registration page. Any questions, please contact us.
1 person

WARFA only Re-certification
(Price includes Food Safety Certification for Managers, Chefs, and Supervisors coursework)
(This is the prerequisite for HACCP 2)
Basic Wholesale and Retail with HACCP plan Models and Tools. This course introduces the HACCP recipe (the key to the HACCP process whether your operation is a simple hot dog stand or a huge sausage plant). The menu or item you produce will determine what recipe you will need to use to create the product(s) in your operation. A restaurant may have many recipes. Processes are grouped, then recipes are categorized under the processes. Basic science is covered in this course. A good standard HACCP plan is much easier to implement after Dr. Snyder's principles are introduced in the course.
    $    500.00


    $    250.00
To register and make payment, go to the Course Registration page. Any questions, please contact us.
1 person HACCP 1 Train the Trainer
In order to become a trainer, you need to have taken the HACCP 1 workshops in St. Paul, Minnesota or Florence, Oregon. After you have taken the HACCP workshop training, you need to plan on another partial day for the Train the Trainer portion. The course also includes teaching tools like Glo-Germ (Dr. Snyder's economical use of the glo germ product), a high powered Ultra Violet flashlight / torch, and more. Any question or for more details, please contact us.
    $    250.00
To register and make payment, go to the Course Registration page. Any questions, please contact us.
1 person


Advanced Process Control and HACCP Plan, and Inspection Models and Tools. HACCP 2, Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance’s Advanced HACCP Course, is for those who already have HACCP certification, work with HACCP Plans in industry, or need to inspect, oversee, maintain or understand HACCP systems or plans. It includes training in Inspections and Audits. The course requires previous HACCP certification or a working knowledge of HACCP and its controls.

This course is great if you want to refine processes or understand new and different process controls, making YOU the process authority. It will give you the tools that you will need for multi processes, e.g., in a restaurant or multi-process plants. Any questions, please contact us
    $    685.00

    $    495.00

    $    250.00
To register and make payment, go to the Course Registration page. Any questions, please contact us.
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    Cashiers Check or Money Order

    If paying by a company check, cashier's check, or money order, please print out and fill in WARFA's printer-friendly order form. You will find the link to this form on the Confirmation page you will see after submitting the Registration form. Make out your payment to Steven R. Davis, WARFA, and mail both to P. O. Box 1441, Florence, OR 97439.
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    If paying by credit card, select the "Credit Card" method of payment when filling out the Registration Form. After submitting the form, press the Add to Cart button on the Registration Confirmation page. You will be taken to WARFA's shopping cart where you may purchase our course using any of the credit cards listed below.

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 After successfully passing a course, WARFA will send you an email confirming that you have passed. We will then mail your certificate. This confirmation email will provide you with proof that you have passed the course and are certified.  
  Other Courses Available  
 Other courses available after HACCP levels are completed:

Private Chef HACCP
  Onsite Consultation  
  A consulting project can take from one day to two weeks. Standard price is based on $1,000 per day. All clients will also receive support time after consultation without charge. This includes questions and simple modifications to the HACCP plan.

Some of the factors that may affect your pricing:
Size and diversity of your operation; quality and extent of food safety programs in place; type of HACCP system in place; food safety team knowledge; your standing with the health authority; HACCP recipes and procedures being followed.

Please contact us for a quotation for your business or residence.
Up to
$10,000 per consultation
We reserve the right to disqualify any certificate due to any unethical or illegal practices, charge-backs, etc. We reserve this right to refuse service to anyone.
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