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HACCP: a part of Total Quality Management
What does HACCP mean?
What is a HACCP system?
Benefits of a WARFA HACCP program

HACCP can appear to be threatening, irritating or a bothersome process. Once you see how simple HACCP can be and the advantage of having a good HACCP plan and system, you can see that your time investment will be beneficial for both you and the public.

HACCP really relates to quality. You want a quality product. You want a safe product. Our HACCP plan comes from the Hospitality Institute of Technology & Management's Total Quality Management Program from decades ago.

Before getting into HACCP, let's talk for a moment about Total Quality Management of which HACCP is only a part.

HACCP means:

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

A HACCP system:
  • is a self-regulating food safety program customized for individual wholesale or retail operations or kitchen
  • focuses on keeping food in proper time and temperature zones and on reducing or eliminating contamination
  • identifies and controls potential food safety problems in food handling before they can occur
  • evaluates and monitors each step in the entire food preparation process
  • provides daily feedback
  • eliminates or reduces risk of foodborne illness

An WARFA HACCP program

HACCP can work for industry, government, and the people.
  • USDA and FDA regulations are not based on science.
  • FDA and USDA have different rules and regulations; this is confusing to the food industry.
  • A WARFA HACCP program is based on the HACCP document of the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods, which is the source of the FDA's and USDA's HACCP system information being used today.
  • We will review your HACCP system or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), possibly simplify them, and make HACCP work for your retail food operation.
  • When regulatory challenges arise, WARFA will help with laboratory data and science information.
benefits of WARFA HACCP training programs

Comparing Apples to Oranges to WARFA

What makes Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance different from other HACCP training and certification programs?

Well, it's like comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges . . . to Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance! There's no comparison.

Find out why by viewing WARFA's PDF file.
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