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Food Handler Certification for Foodservice Workers (FSE)

Food Safety Certification
for Managers, Chefs and Supervisors

HACCP 1 Certification (online or workshop oriented)

HACCP 2 Certification (on location workshop oriented)

Train the Trainer


Food Handler Certification for Foodservice Workers (FSE)

Employee Certification for Wholesale and Retail Operations training. This course should be taken by those who are or plan to be retail food establishment employees who handle and serve food.

Food Safety Certification for Managers, Chefs and Supervisors

Food safety certification is the core to "understanding the language" and concepts of food safety needed to start your HACCP training. It is the prerequisite to Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance's HACCP 1 course which uses these concepts and language exclusively.

This course introduces you to the hazards and controls you will be facing in order to make a HACCP plan work. You will need this course to prepare yourself to create a proper risk and hazard analysis for a HACCP system, either for your wholesale or retail food facility. You must have food safety certification training, or equivalent, first.

The course will also prepare you to take either the Thomson Prometric (formerly Experior Assessments) CPFM test or the test for ServSafe manager's certification. You also have the choice of taking an WARFA-proctored CPFM exam for a modest additional charge.

HACCP 1 Certification - online or workshop training on location

After successfully passing WARFA's FSC course above (or equivalent), you are ready for HACCP 1 certification. This course introduces the HACCP recipe (the key to the HACCP process whether your wholesale or retail operation is a simple hot dog stand or a huge sausage plant) and teaches you how to write (or rewrite) and implement your HACCP systems plan. We train you in wholesale/retail HACCP and then show you how to use the portions you need for your operation, be it a processor storage facility or a farm. The menu or item you produce will determine what recipe you will need to use to create the product(s) in your operation. Processes are grouped, then recipes are categorized under the processes.

After we train you, if you have a new item, you may not need to rewrite large portions of your HACCP plan if you are using the HACCP recipe or formula that we teach you. For example, you may be a meat processor and you want to add cured and smoked hams. You will just need to add a HACCP recipe and most all of the other HACCP plan will stay in place. Basic science is covered in this course.

The online HACCP coursework covers basically all the materials covered in the HACCP workshop. You have the advantage of studying at your convenience and at your own pace. The advantages of registering for the HACCP workshop are that a) you will have in-person support to help start your plan on the second day and b) some people learn better in person rather than taking courses online. The choice is yours.

HACCP 2 Certification - workshop training on location

HACCP 2 Workshop is an advanced course for those who have HACCP experience or those who need advance process control procedures. This course also helps you conduct and create internal and third party audits.

If you have already had HACCP experience and know and have worked with HACCP, the course may be only one day. If you need this information or are not familiar with HACCP you will need to take the FSC and the HACCP 1 courses as a pre-requisite.

This course is great for food safety inspectors both in the government and private sectors. This course gives you the tools needed to help train, maintain and improve HACCP plans and systems.

See course details in PDF or MS Word format:
PDF file format  MS Word file format

HACCP 3 Seafood Certification

Coming soon.

Train the Trainer

The train-the-trainer course is a course that may be taken and given individually to persons that complete and are certified by the Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance in HACCP. This will allow you to train others in basic HACCP principles. It will give you the tools and materials to train your staff in all they need to know about HACCP and Food Safety for the Manager, Chef and Supervisor.

5-Year Recertification

To keep your certification current, you will need to successively recertify by the time 5 years are up. Please check your WARFA certificate re the expiration date and leave yourself enough time to brush up on our coursework before retesting online takes place. Upon successfully passing the test, we will send you your Recertification Certificate.

Food Safety Certificaton for the Manager, Supervisor and Chef (WARFA only Re-certification): $250.00

HACCP 1 (WARFA only Re-certification): $250.00

HACCP 2 (Re-certification): $495.00
HACCP 2 (WARFA only Re-certification): $250.00

What do I do first?

Fill out the Registration form below.
You will receive an email confirming that you want to take this online course and that we require prepayment before issuing you a unique UserID# (for internal test tracking purposes only).

If paying by credit card, you may make payment immediately by selecting the Add to Cart button on the Registration Confirmation page. You will view this page after filling out the Registration form and submitting it.

Reminder: The latest you can register for an On Location HACCP Workshop class is 5 days before the first day of the scheduled class. To request an exception, either call 1-541-997-7737 weekdays between 9 am - 8 pm Pacific Time or use our contact form.

What do I do next?

Make payment for the course you want to take.
WARFA accepts a company check, certified check, government check, credit card, or bank draft (wire transfer).

Cost of Course

Food Handler Certification for Foodservice Workers (FSE): $50 USD

Food Safety Certification for Managers, Chefs & Supervisors course: $100 USD

HACCP 1 Online / Correspondence course (includes Food Safety Certification fee): $500 USD.

HACCP 1 Workshop Florence/Other Location (includes Food Safety Certification fee): $500 USD per person ( Volume, Military & Sanitarian discounts available Contact form ).

HACCP 2 Advanced Workshop course: $750 USD ea.

Train the Trainer course: $250 USD

WARFA 5-Year Recertification (Food Safety Certification or HACCP1 fee): $250 USD

5-Year Recertification (HACCP 2 fee): $495 USD. Before fee payment, contact us regarding qualifications.
  • If paying by a company check, certified check, or government check, please print out and fill in WARFA's printer-friendly order form. You will find the link to this form on the Registration Confirmation page you will see after submitting the Registration form. Make out your payment to Steven R. Davis, WARFA, and mail both to P. O. Box 1441, Florence, OR 97439.
  • If paying by a bank draft (wire transfer), payment should be made in US dollars. Please select the "Bank Draft" option in the Payment Method section of the Registration Form below. In the "Comments" box at the bottom of this form, please confirm that you want to pay by the bank draft method. We will then email you regarding our banking details that you will need to complete the transaction.
  • If paying by credit card, press the Add to Cart button on the Registration Confirmation page. You will be taken to WARFA's shopping cart where you may purchase our courses online using any of the credit cards listed below. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

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  • When filling out this Registration Form, be sure to select which method of payment you are making.
  • All sales final, no refunds, must train within 6 months or request an extension.

What comes next?

After receiving your payment, we will email you your unique User ID#, Username and Password so that you may log in to study the coursework. Once you email us that you are ready to take the final exam for certification, we will email you another Username and Password. Don't forget to include your unique User ID# in your email. Use them to log in for testing.

To study the coursework, you may log in from any page on this website by clicking on the "coursework log-in" link near the top left hand corner of each page.

After passing the Food Safety Certification exam

After successfully passing the exam, we will mail you a certificate indicating that you have successfully completed our coursework and examination. If you are taking this exam as the prerequisite to HACCP 1 certification, that will be noted on your HACCP 1 Certificate.

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Employee Certification for Wholesale and Retail Operations (FSE)
Food Safety Certification for Managers, Supervisors and Chefs
HACCP1 Workshop Certification - Florence/Other Location
HACCP1 Online/Correspondence Certification
HACCP2 Workshop Certification - Florence/Other Location
Train the Trainer Certification
5-Year Recertification

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