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HACCP Personal and Facility Certification

There are two types of HACCP certification for your wholesale or retail foodservice operation:
  1. Personal HACCP certification. This is certification for the individual. We will train and certify people to be able to write, maintain and make changes to HACCP plans. These persons should be able to see the weakness in a poorly written HACCP plan and make the corrections.

    We make more than one training option available to you that best fits your personal preference:
    • in-person HACCP Workshop training at our Florence, Oregon, Portland, Oregon vicinity or Eugene, Oregon facilities, at your facility's location, or at seminars or events worldwide.
    • online HACCP training which includes studying and testing your food safety knowledge before teaching you how to write and implement your HACCP plan. After you finish studying, WARFA issues you a Certificate of Completion of coursework materials. When you have completed writing your HACCP plan, we will review and approve it. Then, we will issue you a WARFA-approved Certificate good for five years.
  2. Facility HACCP Certification. Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance can certify your wholesale or retail foodservice facility's present HACCP plan. This means that a WARFA approved agent will visit the facility, look at the HACCP plan, then verify that the plan is working. Then we will issue a certificate to the facility.

Prior to certification

  • We must determine whether the HACCP system is in place and is working before issuing certification.
  • A WARFA representative will visit your foodservice facility with little or no notice.
  • Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance will:
    • review records
    • check to see that the staff is following your HACCP system practices and plan
    • talk to staff and HACCP team members to find out if they can identify hazards and controls

After onsite inspection of your foodservice facility

When the system is working and verified, WARFA will:
  • issue your certificate
  • list you on the WARFA website

How to be sure your system is verifiable before WARFA visits

You may choose to send a person or persons from your facility to one of our HACCP Workshop training programs. There that individual will study for his/her Food Safety Certification for Managers, Chefs, and Supervisors and learn how to write and implement HACCP systems.

Upon successful completion of training, that individual will 1) receive WARFA certification and 2) be qualified to ensure that your facility's system is working and verifiable.

Since HACCP facility certification must have verification to be certified by the Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance or approved WARFA sanitarian, then everything will be in place for WARFA's onsite inspection of your facility.
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