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What makes WARFA different from other personal and online
training programs?

The Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance (WARFA) is a group trying to make HACCP work. Throughout the world today there are many firms making thousands of dollars, but they really are not helping the real food safety problem.

Our coursework is designed to help people with small- and mid-sized companies to write and maintain a complete HACCP plan. We try to train you or your staff to understand HACCP so that you can save thousands of dollars on expensive consulting and unnecessary HACCP plan changes or rewrites.

In addition, we are a resource for training and re-certifying large companies, organizations and government employees who need to have HACCP knowledge, certification or training.

WARFA also has programs for training inspectors. We have been doing so since 1982 when Peter Snyder started the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management.

A complete Sanitarian or Food Inspector's program for online training is under development. However, we offer and host on-location training around the world for health inspectors. Some recent locations: Dubai (UAE), Russia, Macedonia, Hungary, Albania, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, etc.

Personal Contact and Training

For HACCP certification, you will:
  • deal with your own personal instructor.
  • receive a minimum of one phone conversation (limited to US) to review coursework and personal needs.
  • obtain multiple contacts via emails, both from the proctor for the tests and the instructor.
  • receive a manual which provides the entire coursework and HACCP template in printed form for you to help create your own HACCP plan.
Along with personal communication, we also help you to achieve goals relating to your own personal or company needs. If you need a HACCP plan, we help you create one. If you need HACCP certification for your Quality Assurance department or just want to gain more knowledge in the food safety industry, this is a great program for you. WARFA's HACCP certification is good for 5 years.

Note: For testing and templates, you will need a word processing program that uses Microsoft Word documents.


We also offer lowered costs for consulting at reduced rates for our clients. Many questions are answered without charge, and many times simple issues are just an email or phone call away.


Tools for your use include a digital thermometer, hand washing brush, and chlorine test strips and chart.

Fast Loading

Our online programs are written in pure HTML code and tested to load quickly on slow Internet connections at low as 24.4 bps.

Easy to Understand

Our programs are written by scientists, chefs and professional tech writers. What does this mean? You are not getting programs written by educators that really have never stepped into a kitchen and are trying to teach you how to work in an environment about which they have no clue!

Up to Date

We are constantly changing the coursework. If we need to make a change such as a FDA or USDA code change, we make it immediately. Result: you get the latest coursework available and do not have to wait for changes.

Fast and to the Point

We try to make the programs quick and presented in basic English. We try to keep the technical terminology to a minimum and spell out concepts using as simple terms as possible.

If you are taking our workshops in person, they:
  • originally were three days in length
  • have been condensed to two days
  • can be just one day on location, if you choose to take the first part online.
benefits of WARFA HACCP training programs

Comparing Apples to Oranges to WARFA

What makes Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance different from other HACCP training and certification programs is like comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

There's no comparison!

Find out more by viewing WARFA's PDF file.
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